• Can I list a product that is free of charge on pilootz?

    If your product is new and you are planing to start charging in the future, you can list it on pilootz even if it's free of charge at the moment. Please note that you should keep offering your product for free to your pilot clients from pilootz for the time frame you have initially offered. If you start charging in the meantime you can set promo codes/coupons in your payment system and distribute them to your pilot clients.

  • Can I list a freemium product?

    If you have a freemium product, you can list it only if you offer one of your paid plans free of charge to your pilot clients. Please specify the plan that you are offering in the listing.

  • Can I list a mobile app?

    Yes, you can.

  • How can I give free access to pilot clients if I have integrated a payment system?

    Payment systems like Stripe, Chargebee, Recurly have the option to create promo codes, coupons or discounts. In most cases you can do this within minutes and you can give them to your pilot clients.

  • Can I offer free access to a paid mobile app? What about in-app purchases?

    Yes, you can create promo codes for Android and iOS apps. You can do this also for in-app purchases. Please follow the instructions here: Android, iOS.

Pilot clients

  • How can I become a pilot client?

    Read the product listing, check the requirements and contact the company using the button in the listing.

  • Do I get accepted always when I send a request to become a pilot client?

    Once you have requested to become a pilot client of a startup it is almost certain that they will accept you if you cover the requirements in the product listing. For most products there are no requirements. Startups can decide that the product is not suitable for you and they are reserving the right to reject your request.

  • Do you guarantee that I will get the promised free access?

    The pilootz platform helps innovators and pilot clients to find each other and start working together. We are recommending our "best practices" but we do not guarantee to each party that the counter-party will act accordingly. All deals on pilootz are on the basis of a gentlemen's agreement between the innovator and the pilot client. We believe that innovators do not have any incentive to put at risk their reputation by misusing the terms of such a gentlemen's agreement. Pilot clients are important!

  • Do I have any obligations as a pilot clients?

    Pilot clients do not have any legal obligations but we are encouraging them to take an active part in the development of new products by giving their honest feedback to the innovators.

  • Can I get a free account for a given product and sell it?

    No, this is not allowed.